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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  June 14, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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funny as heck. and i have a guest in the studio. a friend of mine here. and he bought his dad a mail box. >> tonight on huckabee. insurgents are sweeping over iraq and sweeping to the cant kament. >> it is not like we haven't sewn it coming. what is the president thinking now? any action that we may take to provide security have to be joined by a sen sear effort by iraq's leaders. we can't do it for them. and >> they are afraid the republican establishment is left
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them behind. sergeant bergdahl is back in the u.s. reaction tonight. >> welcome to huckabee. we are coming to you from the los angeles fox news burro. eric cantor got shown the door and no one saw it coming. the hou he was the first to be not reelected. explanations running all over the map for cantor's stunning defeat. tea party influence and cantor's support for immigration reform. and better to the washington crowd than to his direct. and raising $22 for every dollar
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david brat had. they were all a factor. but i don't think david brat is giving enough credit. he is an economic's professor and an articulate and common sense candidate. it was not what cantor did wrong. but what brat did right. he connected about free markets and spoke about making sure laws applied to big boys on wall street not only too big to fail but to big to jail. if the average american worker struggling to put food on the table. gamed the system they would have gone to jail. and brat had the a udasity to suggest they should. eric cantor spent more campaign money on steak houses than brat's campaign. and that was out of touch as
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hillary clinton whining that they were struggling to pay taxes on the 10 million. and paltry 200 million on speeches that bill was having. people in the real world are struggling. they are not opposed to immigration because they are racist. they are opposed for government developing job killing regulation. and deporting the few jobs. if mexico will not let one marine loose from the prisop, americans are not keen on mexico sending several million of their folks over the border. if tax paying americans have to be showing an id and be stefrp searched just to board a plan from dallas to san antonio.
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they don't want people to get jobs without passing a background check. americans are not mean. not at all. we are generous and tolerant and welcoming people on earth. if you don't believe that, then try to cross the border in to mexico and demand that you want your instructions in england and want free food or health care and education and you want to continue to celebrate the 4th of july and expect the government to let you vote in mexico. americans are not mad people want to come here. we thank food every night that we live in a country people are trying to break into rather than breaking out of. but if our government is secowering jobs for people who are here illegally before the american is thes, then eric cantor will not be the last to go. >> more on what cantor's defeat may mean for the gop later in
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the show. first, iraq is on the brink of civil war. just over two years after president obama with drou the u.s. troops from the country islamic mill at that point its took over major cities in the north and west and fallujah and ramadi and marching to baghdad. on saturday, iran's country will be ready to help iraq if anded and hundreds of iraqi men are joining the fight against the terror group. and on friday, president obama will not commit to helping an iraqi government that is not able to resolve the differences to defend itself. frustrated iraq war veterans who fought so hard to secower iraq's freedom call it a punch in the gut. my first son lived in tick rit one of the assistant district attorneys that fell back in enemy hands and had a task force
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that was co in the hunt of saddam hussein hussein. lieutenant steve russell joins me now. >> cornell. i want to mention one of the people reviewing the book made this comment. it was brilliant. it is a treasure for war colleges, war classes yet unborn. and your book told how it ought to be done. you were there and you and those serving with you shed blood to get saddam hussein. i want a personal reaction. how does this hit you as you watch how it unfold. >> i am wived about my friends tikrit and we are talking to each other when we have vacation time we ought to go straighten it out. it is hard to describe.
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because it is so preventible, governor. >> let's talk about that. how could we not have seen this coming? with the extraordinary resources that our country has in intelience both on the ground and overseas and in the air. how could we not have sewn something brewing before it came to this level? >> well, i think one of the problems that we have seen, is that we have ignored history, after every conflict resolution in the last 125 years, we have had an agreement. status of forces and we have left a contifrmgency of troops behind that planted an american flag. if you pick on the brother you get big brother with. it and instead. we opted for the political root and ignored good policy. and without a status of fourses agreement and an american
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presence. we signal to the enemies that they can fill the void and it looks like they have. was this an intelligence failure or a strategy failure? >> i think it is a combination of both. what we have sewn with the islamic state of iraq and syria. they are squeezed out of certain portions of syria and they are moving on the old bathist network. and they are trying to unite sunni arabs in this twisted islamic state. they are largely secularist and they don't want a radical government in charge. and so they are caught in between. they have a shiite led government that will not power share with them. they are squeezed on both ends and have no recourse. and now they see american
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allies, that had tried to convince them and said if you will join the surge and you will have the sons of iraq movement and put this together we'll secure it and hand over a great government and you will be in good shape and they did that. and this president in trying to get us to end the war in iraq, it looks like he is instead ending iraq. >> that is a powerful statement. it is ending iraq. it could be on the brink of utter a nilation. and iran for heaven sakes to say they will try to fix it. let me ask this. i wonder, is the president listening to anybody in the military or pentagon? if he's not, if you could whisper in his ear as he comes out to california to play golf in palm springs.
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what would you say to the president? to get the situation under control. >> two things need to be done. first, he did not listen to department of defense and service chiefs and combatant commanders in 2011 and 12. they warned him it would happen and it is fully on the roar. it is not irreversible. two courses of action needs to happen. the prime minister there needs to reach out to kureds and sunni arabs in the north and tell them look, we all agree we don't want a gihaddist islamic state. and i willpower share. you will have key post and cabinet and parliment and leadership positions. and these are the types of things that will unite iraqis and they will so a vision for the future.
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malaki decided not to do this after he resecured his election and we have the situation that we have. the president on the other hand needs to provide resources and show strength and provide whatever it is intelligence and drone and air strike wise. and show we will not let this investment go, they are all things that should be on the table and we should be moving on quickly. it is not irreversible. but it is sending a terrible message to our allies, if you are in trouble whether you are in ukraine or iraq, the united states is disengaged and will not help you. >> what a sad message. cornell thank you for being here. >> thank you, sir, appreciate. it >> coming up. a california congressman's reaction to iraq and bowe bergdahl's return to the united
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tod, i'm hanging out withy best friend. talk to your ctor about symbicort. i got my first prescription free. call or gonline to learn more. [ male announcer ] if you can't afford your mication, astrazeneca may be able to help. >> early on friday, sergeant bergdahl who was traded for five taliban detainees after being held captive for five years in afghanistan arrived in the united states. he is now in an army medical center in san antonio, texas. chuck hagel told the house armed services committee that the decision to exchange taliban five for bergdahl was the right one. a california congressman that chairs that committee joins us now. congressman, i first want to get your reaction in the situation in iraq.
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it is spiralling out of control. what are your major concerns as we watch these events unfold? >> first of all, there will be people who say i told you so. i think that it is not an appropriate time to do. that we have thousands of people, our americans in iraq right now. and if there is anything we learned from benghazi, we need to protect our people and that should be our number one priority. i loved to play golf, but if the president is really playing golf this weekend it is a shame. it is a very serious crisis and this idea of leading from behind and hands off approach is not working. we need to lead from in front and to do that, we have to stop cutting our national security resources. in the last couple of years, we have cut a trilliop dollars out
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of our national security and we are paying the price for it. >> one of the things that the colonel mentioned was no force agreement and at least have a presence there. looking back, was that a fundmental mistake that was made here in >> no question. it is very obvious. if we had left a presence behind and able to negotiate that status of force agreement we would not have this problem now. it is very important we don't have that in afghanistan. we negotiated that in afghanistan and the president made a decision to leave 9800 troops behind. nato will add 5,000 troops and they will be there to make sure the same scenario does not play out in afghanistan. >> sergeant bergdahl is back on american soil, but the taliban five, desplate and dangerous
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people are off in the middle east and supposedly in qattar safely. we don't have illusioned they will check in the local holiday inn and take it easy. what concerns do you have? you chair one of the important positions in congress. shouldn't there be conversation going on between the administration and folks like you and in your position before this deal was made? >> the hearing that we have with the secretary and their legal council, i walked out of there learning several things. number one that we did negotiate with terrorist which breaks a long- time precedent. and number two, because of that, we're less safe than we were just a few weeks ago. the fact that they kept congress in the dark, for several months, had 80 or 90 people that people
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coming forth and not a single elected member in congress, it really boggles the mind. they briefed us on this earlier and congress pushed back on it and that's the reason they didn't tell us about it this time. and my concern is that they broke the law. we passed a law that said before you move any detainees out of guantanamo, you give congress 30 days notice so that we can look at it and see what a problem that will cause in the future. and they didn't do it and frankly, i am concerned that this sets a precedents saying there were circumstances as such we will not tell congress. that is not going to fly. >> it shouldn't fly. you are entrusted with the responsibility of oversight. you can't do that if the administration doesn't understand constitutional obligation to work with you.
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appreciate you being here. we know a lot is on your plate. congressman, it is nice to have you. >> thank you for having me, governor. >> he said the message sent loud and chlor. kansas cross examine cram on what majority leader eric cantor's primary defeat might mean for the republican party. that's right after this. yeah! that little guy cleans, brightens and fights stains. so now i can focus on more pressing matters. wow! isn't it beautiful? your sweet peppers aren't next to your hot peppers. [ gasps ] [ sarah ] that's my tide. what's yours? [ babies crying ] surprise -- your house was built on an ancient burial ground. [ ghosts moaning ] surprise -- your car needs a new transmission. [ coyote howls ] how about no more surprises? now you can get all the online trading tools you need
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5:24 pm
agriculture committee and joined me now. congressman, i want reaction, do you think that what happened today night in virginia, was a local or a national reaction? i think it is a lot of both. mr. brat is a great candidate and will make a great congressman. and what was seen in virginia. i am hearing in the country concerned and discontent and belief and this illougz that the republican establishment continues to ignore tea party and conservative. and it finally bowled up in virginia. >> you lost a seat on the budget anding committee. it was painful and something that the congressman from your district that held over a hundred years, it has been a long time. and that is summarily where your direct is right in the middle
5:25 pm
of. and how much disappointment did you have in the loss. and when you saw what happened to the leadership, i want a personal reaction. that is the reaction in the district. and in the end voters rule. and that is great to see. and the voters rule. the establishment beat up on tea party conservative than they do the president. it happen in the one race. >> and one thought about this is that it is it always a challenge to balance your personal convictions and versus being a good team player in a organization like congress and there has to be a time. how do you balance that and know where the lone is, congressman.
5:26 pm
look, i want to be a good guy and versus, i came here to represent my constituents. how do you balance that? >> you have to represent the constituen constituents. erebbing cantor pushed for higher spending and not pushing back against the president. when they say we need more leadership in dc. there would be a new face and vision and new put a new face. on the system. >> and i was going to ask you about the leadership position. the congressman indicated he would like to take that spot
5:27 pm
sounds like you cast your lot here. that is what they are looking for. and that is in the end of the day. and kevin mccarthy would be very similar to cantor and they have been around a long time. have a great father's day weekend. bret baier will interview former secretary of state hillary clinton and i wonder how far he will push her on her role. and why don't i just ask him about that. and ask about his new book
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>> thousands of shiits are preparing for an all out fight. it is reportedly taken a small town 60 miles north of baghdad. and the pentagon sending the
5:32 pm
president bush in the araban gulf armed with two ships armed with tomahawk missiles and the midwest and large hail and strong winds and violent tornados forecast and north central kansas and eastern iowa and west texas. storm remains in the forecast from wisconsin. and texas got a preview with tornados in the center of the state. i am julie bandaras and pack to huckabee. log on to fox you are watching fox. bret baier's young son paul was born with heart disease. on tuesday, he and gretta are going to interview former secretary of state hillary clinton and brett, thank you for coming in on a weekend and happy father's day to you.
5:33 pm
>> happy father's day to you, governor. >> i want to begin. you have been to iraq a dozen of times and now you are seeing a situation that is clearly, clearly on fire. i want to get your reaction to what is happening and from your personal perspective and having been there, your feet have been on the ground there and what are you thinking as you watch this? >> i was struck by lieutenant colonel's interview earlier. and to hear the men who fought on those battlefields and who have held those cities essentially standing side by side with iraqi soldiers and watching them fall one by one to the radical group and the isis. and we had an intelligence officer on special report. he said it is more radical than
5:34 pm
al-qaeda. and they are leading disa tacted sunnis against the sunnis and prime freedom malkey. and it is sad to watch and interesting to so how the administration developing with a dominie looking situation. one of the challenges in the islamic countries is that the battle is first against all westerners and nonradical islamics. and the other battle is among themselves. at some point do we say let them contain themselves and we can't this is not interesting something we import.
5:35 pm
if you ask them there is 0 appetite for getting involved and there is concerns electrically. what that means for the region let alone oil prices and production in iraq. vice-president biden suggested that iraq will be three countries. he may be right. the kureds took over tircut. and the shiite are trying to hold on to baghdad with the help of iran. that is a sentiment. >> you are going to have an extremities xoord opportunity.
5:36 pm
hillary clinton is trying to say benghazi is all behind us. i would like to get a reaction as you see this exchange. that system ended with me and i take responsibility. i was not making security decisions. >> it is interesting she is responsible but not attacking security decisions. i can't wait to see the interview. i know it is dynamic. can you preview the questions about benghazi. >> now governor, i can't just lay it out here. she could be watching. i am sure she tunes in we are going to ask about benghazi. and there is a number of things to be followed up from the introduce. and that will open doors. but there are many, many topics.
5:37 pm
one of them is the taliban five deal and her thoughts and what she's said about it. it is insight and challenges. with your son. and there is nothing more moving that wonderful baby and waiting for him all of these months and then the doctor tells you things are not perfect take me pack to when your son had a heart issue and it was going to be touchlt there was anger and why is this happening to us. >> and there was pity and just a lot of emotion.
5:38 pm
and what ended up happening. we got to a dark spot and we +g:ry[8+oe-6]>l[4s
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reminded me that smiles were free. i didn't want to take that chance and so i frowned for the next 11gfé=;u years. >> madam secretary the embassy in benghazi is under attack. >> leave me alean. i writing my memoir. >> we were so poor. bill could only afford one girlfriend. >> oh, indeed. we're feeling so very, very sad for their plight. it's okay because there's a record number of people on food stamps after this administration has taken over. bill and hillary, i'm sure you can apply. >> speaking of democrats putting their tows their mouth, enter
5:45 pm
biden. we were reminded that the vice president said this back in 2010. >> i'm very optimistic about iraq. it will be one of the great achievements of this administration. you will see 90,000 american troops come marching home by the end of the summer. you will see a stable government in iraq that is actually moving toward a representative governor. >> a stable government. sorry, joe. hadn't quite worked out like that. the reason we're sad about it is not for the political implicatio implications. it's ... >> american lives. it is staebl. and there are stunning pictures out this week. and the and they are housed in southern arizona and the reports that the other housing facilities are set up in california and even oklahoma.
5:46 pm
alabama senator jeff sessions said i told you so. i predicted it a year ago. the law and you are not particularly enforcing it for young people and it creates a perception and it has created a perception around the world that we are wide open and children can come and they will be permitted to stay. >> senator sessions is one of my favorites. he is plain spoken and honorable man in politics. he has it right. if you don't enforce the law people don't respect. it to give you an example. no one believes that no one will enforce the speed amount. they will all drive 80 .... why shouldn't we be surprised with what is happening on our border. we shouldn't be. we ought to be outraged. jimmy fallon and new jersey
5:47 pm
governor chris christy paid tribute to pops. and the tribute to dad dancing. ♪ ♪ oh. ♪ ♪ there's been a lot of speculation as to whether chris christie will run for president in 2016. i think we know the answer, no. he's got a much better gig coming up. he's be on next season of "dancing with the stars". everyone including the common wealth of massachusetts grease that justina pelletier ought to be home right now. we'll have that when we come back. [ male announcer ] how did red lobster make four amazing entrees even better?
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comcast business built for business. on friday, the massachusetts department of children and families and the liberty counsel submitted a final request to have justine immediately released to her parents. earlier in the week, she begg g juvenile court judge joseph johnson to let her go home. >> you can do it. you're the one who's judging it. please let me go home, judge johnson and government. please right now. please let me go home right now. >> i hope somebody in massachusetts is listening. the jum judge is going to make a ruling by may 20th. matt, friday, i understand it that you submitted a final request to the judge, indicating
5:52 pm
that all of the conditions had been met. what is standing in the way? why isn't she already home? >> oh, that judge johnson has to do is sign the order. we've actually given him a draft order. all he has to do is put a signature on it. when you hear her making the plea to judge johnson. it is so dishardening to see this girl in a situation like this. two weeks ago liberty counsel filed a motion with the court to issue a emergency ruling to allow her to go home. we've been working with the very top individuals of the massachusetts department of family and that they fwreeed. a week ago we filed a motion agreeing with the liberty counsel motion. this past friday, we did. everyone, dcf, hhs, liberty counsel, they all agreed justina
5:53 pm
should immediately go home. not only that but there's no reason any longer to have any kind of supervision of the massachusetts dcf and certainly not nothing with anything with regards to connecticut involved in this case. she is ready, willing and able to go home. she should be returned immediately. so we've asked the judge to immediately sign his name to april order which we've actually prepared. that's all we're waiting for. one signature by this judge and she is home. >> every week i'm hoping that we will be able to announce to our audience that she is home. i'm hoping that by next saturday, that can happen. are you shocked of this sudden and dramatic reversal on the part of the state of massachusetts? they've been fighting it for 16 nths and all of a sudden this they say she ought to be able to go home. >> this has turned 180 degrees
5:54 pm
to where it was three months ago so the point where dcf has ultimate lay greeed with liberty counsel that she should be treated for physical conditions and should be back at home with her mom and dad and three older sisters. >> liberty counsel is to be commanded. she wouldn't be so close to being home had it not been for your intervention. i cannot wait for her to be free. i want to hug that little girl and say i'm so glad that people were willing to pray for her and help her get home. matt, thank you. we'll be keeping an eye on this case. >> i will be right back with some closing thoughts. stay with us. i missed so many workouts, my treadmill started to dress better than i did. the problem was the pain. hard to believe, but dr. scholl's active series insoles
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earlier in week someone in the fda announced to ban their additional process of making cheese on boards. the process of which cheese has been paid for years. it was a pointless move that threatened to destroy the artisan cheese industry in the u.s. not only the u.s. cheese makers but the fancy european cheese makers who import their freezes. unfortunately for the fda, they picked the wrong product. someone in the government decided the cheese makers are very special people. >> could you be quiet please? i was too busy talking to big nose. i think it was blessed are the
5:59 pm
cheese pakers. >> what's so special are the cheese makers. >> it is not to be taken literally. it refers to any manufacture of diary products . it turns out that bankers and celebrities and media tycoons are also major consumers of expensive cheeses. they need a little cheese with their wine. when they hurt they will might have to start dipping their cale chips into chill cheese whiz. well now the fda is back pedaling. it was all a misunderstanding. they aren't moving your cheese. now as silly as this story was, there is a serious lesson. federal regulators these days think they can force anything down our throats and then make us swallow it. they are dunk with power but nothing sobers them up faster than a reminder than we are still their bosses, not the other way around.
6:00 pm
they are not the big cheese. that's it for now. this is mike huckabee from l.a. goodnight and god bless. stay tuned for justice with judge jeanine. hello and welcome to justice. i'm judge jeanine pirro. breaking news tonight on the growing crisis in iraq. the pentagon today moving the air craft carrier uss george h.w. bush to the arabian gulf closer to iraq. as the president refuses to commit to any source of action. all the while isis militant forces continue to march toward the capitol of bag baghdad. more on the iraq cries s but first to my open. i spent a great deal of time over the last two years analy analyzing and criticizing what i believe are major blunders by the obama adminisat


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